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I will speak…

It has been over a month since my last post, for one reason only; my freedom of speech was compromised. My words were twisted and spread like fire to cause harm and distress to others, without intention. A simple thoughtless act from selfish people who find it impossible to see beyond their own pain and

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The best restaurants in cities around the world…according to me anyway! 

Okay so we have a wealth of information on which restaurants to go to on tripadvisor, the Michelin star website and numerous other sites where restaurant-goers can leave reviews. I find this information incredibly useful and I have often researched on these sites before choosing a restaurant to impress clients or enjoy with family. Only

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beyond belief

I cannot imagine how tough it must be to go through the physical and emotional pain of finding out your pregnant, spending days, weeks and months, creating every little cell and organ, dreaming of how wonderful it will be when the baby arrives, only to have those hopes and dreams slashed and then go through

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