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Aliens are amongst us.

So, in my last post I announced my commitment to write a book that will share best practice stories of integration in an attempt to identify a ‘model of integration’ that all people can use as a tool in their homes, playgrounds, social situations, and corporate environments, all over the world. Big ask and big

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Introducing the happiness list…

Have you ever thought of making a happiness list? Basically, a list of all the experiences, materialistic things, people, basically anything, that make you truly happy? I don’t mean short term pleasure. I mean the things that make you feel content and at peace with the world, but also things or experiences that you know

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I will speak…

It has been over a month since my last post, for one reason only; my freedom of speech was compromised. My words were twisted and spread like fire to cause harm and distress to others, without intention. A simple thoughtless act from selfish people who find it impossible to see beyond their own pain and

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