What is integration anyway…?

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So, I’ve started a business that offers people the chance to get citizenship in another country, cope with the practicalities around relocation and overcome challenged faced when attempting to integrate (www.chepyng.com). Through this venture I have been doing research with Volvo, Astra Zeneca and Scandia, just to name a few, interviewing people and observing how people behave when faced with needing to collaborate and work with people from different cultures. It has been insightful to say the least, and I’ve only just begun.

One thing I have noticed above all, is the lack of consistency or common understanding of what indeed ‘integration’ is. What does it being to be fully integrated? Statistics often present the degree of integration in a country or setting by stating the incidence of unemployment or number of people who can learn the language, but isn’t ‘real integration’ so much more than that? Isn’t it more about how to find common ground with people that seem so alien to you? Isn’t it trying to find ways of living and working with people that do things in a different way to us?

So this is my mission; to define integration and propose a model of integration that can be used in every situation; at home, at work, or with new friends. It is the integration bible that people, whatever their religion, feel is relevant to them and can offer them the tool they need to make it work, and even enrich their lives through their improved personal and working relationships.

I will let you know when the book is published of course 😉

Watch this space…

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