Yay Spring is here! Top tips for surviving winter…

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Wow, what a winter. It’s been lonnnnnggg and dark and cold…Thank goodness things are starting to grow again and I’m no longer hesitant to go outside, but instead look for an excuse to do so. Happy days! 

Moving countries is a massive change for so many reasons, but people often don’t think about how the change in weather can affect you. Just from one winter in Sweden I have been found through a blood test to have a vitamin d deficiency. No big deal but it just goes to show how fragile we can be when faced with a change of weather and environment. Hopefully I’ll get so much vitamin d this summer that I’ll stock up for the winter. Failing that then I’m off to Thailand for a few weeks!

It’s not just the change in weather that affects us, it’s also how the changes in light can affect our mood and our productivity. Our sense of balance can even go a little off-course. 

Top tips to deal with bad weather –

1. Plans your holidays for the winter and make sure they’re warm

2. Stock up on sunshine in the summer so have stores for the winter

3. Take a vitamin D tablet 

4. Book a spa day once a month in the winter to rejuvenate you and refresh you

5. Buy a SAD lamp and use it a little every day 

6. Invest in hardy, warm and stylish clothing. You get what you pay for and you will be very grateful for it in freezing weather. 

7. Make it ‘mysight’ at night and light lots of candles and a fire if you have one

8. Give yourself time to adjust and accept that it will probably take a couple years for you to really get used to the new seasons, weather and changes in light. 

9. Take up a winter sport so you appreciate the cold weather some of the time – skiing, ice skating, ice hockey etc. 

10. Use the winters to work work work so that you can play play play in the summer! 🙂

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