10 reasons why I think Gothenburg is so great! 

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So I could have lived anywhere in Sweden, in fact my family are down south in up and coming Malmö and I have more contacts business wise in Stockholm. However, I chose Gothenburg as it seemed to be middle ground between the southern folk of Malmö and the sophisticated north of Stockholm. 

Here’s why, after four months, and some long dark days, I am pleased with Gothenburg and think it’s the best small city in Sweden!

  1. There are so many understated but beautiful and historical buildings that ooze charm without being unfriendly and ‘untouchable’ like many buildings in London and Stockholm. 
  2. It is the ‘Events’ capital; there is always something going on and it can be anything from ice hockey to a music festival to a boat exhibition. And the price of the events is reasonable, as most people would choose to go to the London or Stockholm leg of the tour. 
  3. The city boasts some of the best and tastiest and most fresh seafood in the world!! 
  4. It caters for all audiences from those that love the opera to those that love the old town charm of Haga and surrounding pubs. There are wine bars aplenty and so many great restaurants to try that I don’t know where to start! 
  5. You can go to a spa in the middle of winter and swim in an outside pool jacuzzi overlooking the city – Upper House! What a dream! 
  6. Every year it has a birthday. The city boasts numerous stages with big and unique and coming bands with food outlets for every taste. The city comes alive at the end of August and everyone is outside enjoying it, whatever the weather. 
  7. Traffic isn’t too horrendous. And there are numerous car parks to park in. Not too many roadside parking places unless in residential areas, but that means less competitiveness over spaces and confusion over parking regulations. 
  8. There are trams! And they actually work well and are a very useful means of transport for workers, students and all who use them. 
  9. It has a charming but exciting theme park in the middle of the city – Liseberg. This one has music events with live bands, cobbled streets and a Christmas market every year. And the perfect size for one day’s fun! 
  10. The beautiful archipelago is less than 20 mins away. Here you can get a boat to the islands, go to the beach or try some sailing. Or just reeelax…

And a sneaky number 11 – because it’s not too big and it’s not too small. Just perfect!!

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