Introducing the happiness list…

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Have you ever thought of making a happiness list? Basically, a list of all the experiences, materialistic things, people, basically anything, that make you truly happy? I don’t mean short term pleasure. I mean the things that make you feel content and at peace with the world, but also things or experiences that you know you need in your life in order to be fulfilled and happy. 

It might seem a little strategic rather than romantic when seeking happiness, but it works for me. If I relied on my instincts and desires all the time I think I’d be in a royal mess! 

So here’s mine:

  1. The smell of the sea and seaweed 
  2. When my children giggle uncontrollably and spontaneously 
  3. Having the freedom to get a flight somewhere and explore new places 
  4. Finding smultron (wild Swedish strawberries) 
  5. Candles in winter, everywhere 
  6. A great glass of red whilst lounging in front of a fire 
  7. Lying on a hammoc on a sunny day in a quiet spot 
  8. Being able to afford to choose good quality meat and fish and not the processed cheap foods 
  9. Exploring coastal waters with a mask and snorkel 
  10. Using fresh herbs in cooking 
  11. When my child tells me a secret and doesn’t tell anyone else
  12. Having my own money and independence 
  13. When my man makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, even though I’ve not bothered to do my hair that morning 
  14. Bringing a dog home from a walk absolutely filthy but you know they’re happy and have had a good time
  15. Peace and quiet at home and excitement and entertainment within easy reach. 

I’m sure there’s more but it’s a start! 

Now your turn…

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