What lies beyond the horizon…?

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We’ve all wandered what it is that lies behind the glowing array of colours like molten lava moving through 17 degrees of atmosphere changing colours and density as it passes through a midnight sky, teasing us to ask the question of where it’s headed. We know how shooting stars magnificently burst across the skies and we know why the sun provides us with light and allows us to live the life we love. But there is so much we don’t know. The mystery of life, where we came from, when it will end, if it will end, what our purpose is, is one mystery many philosophers and lay men have puzzled over and never had enough evidence to tell the rest of the world the full story. It is the story with no beginning, no middle and no ending. Well at least as characters in the book we do not have the privilege of knowing the whole story. Does that mean that we are simply entertainment for someone else’s enjoyment? Could the earth we live in or the solar system that surrounds us, simply be a child’s toy or indeed, as some people would argue, a scientific experiment? Perhaps they don’t have books or TVs and enjoy watching us fight wars and find love as their evening hobby? Perhaps there was some truth to Big Brother. One thing I can say, I’m not scientist (well other than a first degree in psychology), I’m no religion follower, academic philosopher or academia of any sort, but what I do know is that we don’t know everything. Far from it. Think of how much more we know now then we did two hundred years ago in the 1800s. At that time we didn’t even know there was a universe or that the earth was even round. We didn’t know that periods weren’t sinful or that people that asked uncomfortable questions weren’t witches. We didn’t know that there were so many treatments and cures waiting to be discovered for the diseases that were killing their children, family and friends. We didn’t know that we were once apes or even fish. We didn’t even necessarily know that these animals existed. Our knowledge was limited to what we saw and experienced on a daily basis and what our grandfathers told us and that’s what we told our grandchildren. However science and technology has allowed to reach out and discover more about our world and what lies beyond that horizon. But what will we understand in two hundred years time? What will 2200 bring? What understanding of our world will we have? Is it dangerous to understand too much? What happens if we try to jump out of the book, our current existence, what happens when we know more than we’re capable of comprehending? Or will we internally combust before we get to that point? 

Moreover, what if some of the knowledge and proven research that has facilitated our understand of the world and existence is wrong and we were mistaken? Many scientists believe that religion is the product of people in the past trying to develop an understanding of their existence without having the tools of how to test hypotheses and define a model that a world of interested people will adopt and reach a common understanding. What if even 1% of the conclusions from research are wrong? The impact of this would at some point be potentially catastrophic. 

And if science has proven to involve such rigorous and accurate and bullet proof testing that the conclusions serve to be absolute truth, surely there is a wealth of knowledge and understanding that hasn’t been tested as of yet and is still very much the truth? 

What if someone out there knows the beginning, middle and end to the story but no one can hear him or her because they’ve not been educated as a scientist, philosopher or priest? 

How do we filter truth from lies or madness? 

Will we ever know our story…? 

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