The best restaurants in cities around the world…according to me anyway! 

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Okay so we have a wealth of information on which restaurants to go to on tripadvisor, the Michelin star website and numerous other sites where restaurant-goers can leave reviews. I find this information incredibly useful and I have often researched on these sites before choosing a restaurant to impress clients or enjoy with family. Only trouble is that sometimes it’s hard to trawl through all the brilliant reviews and choose a great one amongst many. Also you don’t want to necessarily take your Japanese banker client to a brilliant basement secret tiny restaurant just because they serve the best steak in town! 

I will update this blog post over time as it will no doubt be a beast. I’ve traveled a lot around the world and had the pleasure of enjoying the food and atmosphere in many restaurants and I couldn’t possibly do it all in one go. Besides, I’m sure to discover new gems along the way…;-) 


 StockholmFem små hus 

Fantastic food in ‘Gamla Stan’ that’s especially wonderful on a chilly evening when you’re looking for a cosy atmosphere. 

Copenhagen – Sticks and Sushi 

Wonderful Japanese food with a breathtaking view over the city where you can sip Asian cocktails whilst gliding on swings. 

Gothenburg – Holy Cow 

The best burgers I’ve ever eaten. The meat is great enough to have a rare burger and enjoy how it melts in your mouth. I went for the Fat Cow and it was to die for! 

London – City Social

Jason Atherton’s modern British fare served in art deco-style surroundings with 24th floor views and the best steak and duck fat chips you’ve ever had! 

Helsingborg – Sil och Makrillen 

Great atmosphere, food and by the sea. What more could you ask for?! Great in winter or summer. 

MilanIl Salumaio di Montenapoleone

Fantastic pasta in a romantic setting in between two beautiful historical Italian buildings. Best on a warm summer evening. 

Verona – Ponte Pietra 

The view over the river is breathtaking, as is the sound of the rushing water below you. The excellent food is simply a marvellous and delightful bonus! 

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