Emigrating abroad…

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Have you dreamed of a better life abroad? One where the air is more fresh, the sea smells sweet and the grass is somehow greener? I have. For about 36 years. Because that’s how old I am. 

My mother emigrated from Sweden as an au pair and my father from a small village in Cyprus as a nightclub DJ. They had fun and then had fun together when they met one night. The relationship lasted five years with me turning up in the middle of it. Their love of London lasted more than forty years and, for my mother, still continues.

I, on the other hand, had the best days when I was visiting family and friend in rural Sweden and the seaside in Cyprus. Go figure! My cousins were there, I didn’t have to go to school and I got to eat meatballs or ice cream all day!!

However, the yearning to emigrate back to my roots has never diminished, well only momentarily. It did subside when I found a cutsey little market town called Saffron Walden, a short train ride from my home town London. It’s an idyllic place for families. However frustrations with the system, amongst other things, has persisted. 

Then, when I met my new man, the opportunity arose to actually do it. Wow, I thought. Surely this is a dream of greener grass when the reality is concrete jungle. 

It is true that Sweden has seen a dramatic increase in crime in recent years, and the country is not the same anymore. However, it’s certainly worth some more exploration. 

I will report more of my findings on my travels, beginning with a flight to Gothenburg in an hour…

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