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I cannot imagine how tough it must be to go through the physical and emotional pain of finding out your pregnant, spending days, weeks and months, creating every little cell and organ, dreaming of how wonderful it will be when the baby arrives, only to have those hopes and dreams slashed and then go through torture and pain as you watch and feel that little life, and dream, slip away.

This morning I found out my best friend went through this over the weekend. She is going home today having had 5 days of sheer hell. As if losing the baby due to her waters breaking prematurely wasn’t enough, she nearly faced death herself when her placenta wouldn’t come out. I won’t be insensitive enough to post her message on here but needless to say it was one where she exhibits pain and the courage to deal with it in a way that I couldn’t imagine. Furthermore, it expresses the gratitude for the support she has had throughout from her husband and how he has held her hand every second.

I am touched. It doesn’t make me angry at life, but that’s easy for me to say. If anything it makes me appreciate it more. What use is life if we don’t understand the value of it and how grateful we should be to be able to walk, talk, smell, taste, and breathe. Some of us are lucky enough to be able to do all of those things, whilst others find a way of appreciating life whilst only being able to enjoy some of those.

One example…I live in a small historic and very nice market town in England, commutable to London; Saffron Walden. Here everyone knows each-other and each-other’s business. I chose to live in a place like this as I was no longer happy in London, where I grew up, and was searching for the life that I had the pleasure of visiting when going to see grandparents in Sweden. In this little strange town I have come to know of a Paralympic who has won dozens of medals across the world as a world triathlete, even though one leg is significantly longer than the other, and his left foot is three sizes smaller than his right and has had numerous reconstructive surgeries to try to lengthen the leg.

george-hero-desktop.pngHis latest success was when he represented ParalympicsGB at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games (read more here), Needless to say, he has shown, as have many others in the face of challenge, courage and determination, and there is a town and national full of people who are supporting him.

Maybe that’s the key to courage, having the right people in your life encouraging you to take the bull by the horns and live life to the full. I hope this blog encourages people to step outside their pain, if only for a moment, to appreciate life for what it is, and choose to live it as best they can…

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